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Valeo Partners’ hourly rate data, comparative analytics (by firm, attorney, client, geography, jurisdiction), LPM pricing tools and corporate legal spend amounts have been cited in the major legal and financial publications due to is relevancy and clarity in the pricing of legal services worldwide.

Major U.S. cities have legal departments that serve as the municipality’s lawyers in litigation. But some cities facing federal civil-rights probes into their policing practices have been reluctant to rely on their in-house attorneys, preferring instead to spring for outside lawyers from big firms…

For those of you keeping track of the legal profession’s equivalent of the one percent: the most expensive lawyers in the U.S. are getting even more costly, while their less-fortunate brethren at the bottom 25% of billers struggle to keep pace with inflation…

Bankruptcy Fees: The $1,800-an-Hour Ted Olson Edition

Court filings in bankruptcy cases provide a rare glimpse at how much top lawyers charge for their services—prices that regularly exceed $1,000 an hour, to the dismay of some at the Justice Department who want firms that work on big bankruptcy cases to provide more detailed rate disclosures.


Study Shows Firms Are Boosting Associate Billing Rates

Hourly billing rates for associates nationwide have risen in the past year by an average of 7.5 percent over 2011, compared to partner and counsel rates, which rose an average of 3.4 percent and 3.6 percent, respectively, according to a new report.

Arizona Attorney Rates Rising Faster Than Nation; Top Rate $1,000 An Hour

More fights over legal matters are paying off for some law firms in Arizona. An international consulting firm finds hourly rates are rising faster here than the national average.

Overall, legal disputes are up 7 percent in Arizona compared with last year, but they really jumped in the area of intellectual property, according to Chuck Chandler with Valeo Partners.

Survey Shows Billable Rates for Associates Up 7.5 Percent, More Than Twice as Much as for Partners
A survey by a Washington, D.C., consultant that maintains a database of attorney billable rates for paying clients found that fees charged for associates at about 550 law firms nationwide are going up faster than those for partners and counsel.
Law’s $1,000-Plus Hourly Rate Club

A recent Wall Street Journal story by Vanessa O’Connell, “Big Law’s $1,000-Plus an Hour Club,” reports that leading attorneys in the U.S. are asking as much as $1,250 an hour, significantly more than in previous years, taking advantage of big clients’ willingness to pay top dollar for certain types of services.  A few pioneers had raised their fees to more than $1,000 an hour about five years ago, at the peak of the economic boom.  But after the recession hit, many of the rest of the industry’s elite were hesitant, until recently, to charge more than $990 an hour.

The return of big-ticket mergers-and-acquisition work largely has rewarded a handful of elite law firms, whose share of deal work has increased this year.

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Liz Hoffman and Jennifer Smith explain what’s driving this year’s megadeal-driven M&A boom:

More than two dozen companies in the past five years didn’t disclose Chapter 11 bankruptcy preparations to investors, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of regulatory filings.

This year’s megadeal-driven boom in mergers and acquisitions has largely benefited a small group of elite law firms.

On the way to bankruptcy court, Lear Corp. , a car-parts supplier, closed 28 factories, cut more than 20,000 jobs and wiped out shareholders.